How to Increase the Success of Facebook Ads in Real Estate

In this electronic age, no one can avoid using digital marketing to promote their business. The increase of active users in social media, especially Facebook, has proven itself as a […]

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Property Hub is a hub for your property

Property Hub is a hub for your property, simple as that. Now, what does that mean? It is a cloud based system that Realtors can use to upload property data […]

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ProposalPoint December Updates

Approaching the end of the year things tend to slow down but at ProposalPoint we have been busy improving our services for our clients. Agents now have the ability to […]

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OUR 3 STEPS for Real Estate Listings

The process of advertising to Potential Real Estate Listing Clients and advertising client properties is as easy as 1,2,3. Get started with advertising yourself, capturing clients and listing properties with […]

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What is a Digital Property Brochure for Agents?

Advertising your property to a client can come down to a single digital brochure. No more sending several links, writing out emails or getting a 3rd party to generate PDF’s […]

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What are Digital Listing Presentations for Agents?

When client’s enquire about listing with Real Estate Agents they are often handed brochures, pamphlets or several emails of documents to advertise their services. More often than usual, these are […]

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Facebook for Real Estate Agents

As part of our Digital Brochure Services, we offer Facebook services to Real Estate Agents. This includes Facebook Advertisement customised to you and your properties, Facebook Applications and Automated Facebook […]

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Staff Member of the month: Aris Clavecillas

For October we have Aris Clavecillas as our staff member of the month! Aris has been in the IT industry for 19 years. He started as a programmer in Manila from 1998 […]

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Instagram for Real Estate: A picture says a thousand words

We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. On Instagram, this is 4.2 Billion likes and 500 Million Users Monthly. So what does this mean for […]

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SEO: Lets Real Estate Clients find you

If someone asks ‘what do you do?’ do you tell them to ‘Google it’? When you are in in an industry where clients start their search online, you should make […]

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Social Media Management by Agentpoint

You have a  website, but is that all you need to engage your potential clients? Definitely not to be overlooked is social media. This encompasses everything from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp […]

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How do I cancel a service subscription with Agentpoint?

We have a formal process in place at Agentpoint for how our clients can adjust or cancel their subscription with Agentpoint.   This helps with the transition around products and […]

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