Proposal Point September Updates

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Sep 30, 2017
2 minutes read

September has been a month of several key feature improvements and several updates to better improve the overall functionality. Read on to discover our latest product updates!

Improved Featured Heading

Now when the proposal doesn’t have any Featured Properties, the heading will not be shown.

Proposal list now sorted by Date.


ProposalPoint Integrated with Pricefinder

We added a feature that allows a user to integrate their Pricefinder account into ProposalPoint. User just input their Pricefinder API Username and Password, then they can choose to show what properties they like on Comparable Listing section.

Property Address load from Pricefinder





PDF button on each proposal

Want to print out the proposal from the website? Simple. Now, we add the button on each proposal so user can download it in pdf version. It’s located on the right corner bottom of the page.
Simply press the print button, and user can get the pdf version.

Proposal Point