How do I cancel a service subscription with Agentpoint?

We have a formal process in place at Agentpoint for how our clients can adjust or cancel their subscription with Agentpoint.   This helps with the transition around products and […]

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How effective is email marketing in the real estate industry?

How effective is email marketing in the real estate industry? We’ve heard the saying before that “email is dead”, well is it really? Let’s investigate further. In a study released […]

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When do I really own the website I purchase?

Unlike a lot of the other web development providers in the real estate industry, when you purchase a website through Agentpoint, whether it be a Custom or Hybrid real estate […]

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Benefits of purchasing your website through Agentpoint

  YOU own your website, NO leasing it- like a site with our competitors. By owning your website you have control  This benefits you because: You are not locked into […]

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How to change domain names without losing any SEO?

A question we are often asked when a real estate agent is renaming their agency, is whether they can change their website URL without affecting their SEO. Obviously, if you […]

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ProposalPoint August Updates

During the month of August we were busy at ProposalPoint working on a few enhancements to the product. Some of these were the result of feedback from our clients while […]

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How do I drive more traffic to my real estate website?

Some real estate agencies and real estate agents produce great content but often they don’t utilize this content to its full potential within their real estate marketing. If you’re going […]

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Team Member of the Month: Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones is Sales and Delivery Director for NetpointGroup as well as Co Founder of Boat Deck and Yacht and Boat. Starting her first IT based companies over 20 years […]

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Where do I find real estate content for my website?

As a real estate agent, the best source of content for your website is found in the questions you are asked on a weekly basis from your customers and people […]

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How much should a real estate website cost?

You could ask this question to multiple web developers and receive many different answers. The truth is, there isn’t an exact answer and depending on your requirements and the company […]

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Should I focus on building Facebook likes?

Sometimes I am asked by real estate agents what is a strategy around building the number of Facebook likes on my real estate Facebook page. Before I explore strategies with […]

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Can we customise a Hybrid website?

We’re often asked what customisations can be made with a Hybrid website. The standard inclusions when purchasing a Hybrid website are: You own the site you are purchasing and not […]

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