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Will the Facebook Update Affect my Real Estate Page?

The big question with the latest Facebook update is “will it affect my Real Estate Page?” If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has released a fairly big update that aims […]

Posted on 25 Jan, 2018 Read more

Get more Real Estate Leads with Automation

Lead generation is part of the everyday for those working in an industry where sales drive profits. In Real Estate an Agent needs to be able to consistently generate leads […]

Posted on 14 Dec, 2017 Read more

Responsive design and my website

Did you use a laptop today? A smartphone? Tablet? Perhaps you used all three. Our use and transition between digital devices on a daily basis is a reflection of the […]

Posted on 5 Dec, 2017 Read more

Are you going 3D in Real Estate Listings?

There’s ASOS and Farfetched offering 3D product views, Bupa and Sunglass Hut offer 3D options. So why not go 3D in Real Estate Listings? 3D walk-throughs for real estate listings […]

Posted on 28 Nov, 2017 Read more

It’s my account so I own the content, right?

Its my account so I own the content, right? It is common for anyone to believe that if the social media account is theirs, they own the content. However, many […]

Posted on 9 Nov, 2017 Read more

When is negative social media an opportunity?

Nobody likes getting a Facebook alert for a negative comment that is sitting out in the open for all eyes to see and when you’re a Real Estate Agent you would […]

Posted on 26 Oct, 2017 Read more

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