5 Marketing Tips in Twitter for a Real Estate Agent

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jun 13, 2018
3 minutes read


Although Twitter is less famous than Facebook, we can’t exclude Twitter from Real Estate Social Marketing. According to socialmedianews, in January 2018 Twitter ranked 9th in Social Media statistics for monthly active users in Australia, with approximately 3 million active users on Twitter.

Twitter was first  used for Business Branding purposes only. However, since Twitter added great features such as accounts showing up in Google Search (Good for SEO), multimedia sharing options and targeted advertising, many real estate agents now consider it as beneficial lead resources.

Twitter still allows users to share a link in their post, unavailable on Instagram, while Facebook continues to confuse many business owners with the changing of their News Feed algorithm.  Twitter however gives advertisers or business owners an easy targeting for their niche audience with their right content.

Although Twitter beats Facebook and Instagram in those aspects, many users don’t really understand Twitter, or how to optimize their tweet for business. So check some of our tips below to hopefully give you a better understanding:

Decide your business position

Before start tweeting, you better straighten your objective and audience target in your Twitter profile. If your follower has mostly new clients who have never bought before, you could start tweeting about your properties in a way they will be interested.

Twitter users are mostly interested in the educative content. Rather than do direct promotion, make a short tweet about the reason why your products are better than others. And at the end of your tweet, you share your real estate listing.

Always include a picture or an image

If you want to share your post, it would be better if you include an image which is relevant to the topic. You can create or design it by yourself or grab the image from the free source (no copyright issues). Tweets with an image can increase to a 5x engagement rate, so make sure you add the image in your important tweets.


Hashtags are sometimes annoying in our tweet content, even so, hashtags can boost your engagement rate 2x. There is no strict rule about how to create a hashtag, as long as it’s understandable by most, that is fine. Example: you sell a 4 bedroom apartment in Sydney, your hashtag will be: #4BRapartmentSydney.

Besides creating your own hashtag, you could join the crowd by using the worldwide trends or your local hashtag trends. Create a relatable content with the current event of the hashtag so you could get a retweet or like or reply which will increase your engagement. Hashtags are useful for people to discover your content.

Local Content

The best way to attract new followers in Twitter is engaging with local content or events in your area. While for instance there is an ongoing event in your area, people will be tweeting about this event in great numbers. You catch them by tweeting along at the right time.

Not everyone will be willing to respond to you, but if you spend 15-30 minutes tweeting to people and introducing your brand, it’s an optimal way to be recognizable in a current event or area. There will likely be around 1-5% of the mass number of people that will follow and engage with you. People love to engage with any local material.

Start a conversation

Tweeting at people should be like having a conversation with them, just like in a real situation. You should not rush into sales. You can personally @ tweet people, for example:

“I agree with you @ USERNAME. Did you see this: [your relevant article link]?”. There is nothing better than posting the tweet with the image included.


Have you tried these tips on your Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below, the Twitter Marketing tips that worked for you.