Can Social Media Replace my Website?

Some real estate agents and agencies are now questioning the relevance of their own website and whether this can be replaced with the 3rd party portals they market their brand […]

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What is a 301 redirect?

What is a 301 redirect? A 301 redirect is a tool we use to tell search engines if the url/permalink for a page on a website has moved to a […]

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July Featured Sites: Orbiton, Nicholls & Co and James Baylee

Agentpoint & Netpoint Group broke records in July for the most site launches each week. A big shout out to our delivery team. Orbiton: Pairing fresh designer sensibility and a […]

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What it takes to craft your digital footprint…

If you think about all the content available on the web, you can see that to stand out you have to do more than just do what you do well. […]

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Team Member of the Month August: Rakib

Rakib started as a Project Coordinator for Agentpoint in June. In that short time, he has taken the lead on our ProposalPoint projects and has successfully launched the first sites. Rakib is […]

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Remarketing, What is it? Should I be doing it?

Traditional advertising is an archaic dinosaur that we simply tune out. More and more people use ad blockers in their browsers and use streaming platforms instead of TV and radio. […]

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Is Content Marketing Effective in Real Estate?

Content marketing is the art of providing relevant and engaging content to your audience rather than the traditional means of marketing whereby you pitch your products and services. If you […]

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Team Member of the Month July: Sharier

Sharier started with NetpointGroup team in the beginning of June. He is excited to develop new skills, and work on new and exciting projects. His favorite part about working in tech […]

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5 Reasons: Why WordPress is still the #1 CMS in 2017

WordPress powers 28% of the entire internet and has a market share of 60% among all content management systems. (source) If you had any doubts about WordPress, you have landed […]

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Why use an Industry specialised web developer?

Industry knowledge makes a difference. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 48 percent of real estate agencies say keeping up with technology is one of the […]

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Are property portals the future of online real estate?

As we have discussed previously, there are big shifts happening in the digital real estate space. Property portals such as and are dominating the property search. These property portals aggregate […]

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Who are stakeholders for a real estate website?

One of the first things to consider when building a real estate website, or any website, is who you are building the website for, aka the stakeholders. Traditionally, real estate […]

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