Influencer Marketing for Real Estate

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jun 6, 2018
3 minutes read

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Influencer marketing is an alternative way to promote your business using someone’s influence in social media.

Previously, we shared to you some tips on Facebook Marketing, such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Video, and also SEO Optimizing.  And today we will give you another tip of Marketing but not just restricted to Facebook, that is Influencer Marketing.

Compared to other Digital Marketing strategies, this method can be counted as the easier one.

An influencer is someone who has the power to influence many people – it could be a singer, actor, or any social media celebrity. Before the digital era, the influencers were mostly actors or singers who were difficult to approach and very expensive to contract. Fortunately, now anyone can be an influencer, they simply have to have many followers on social media and have a high engagement in every post. This social media influencer is easy to approach – by contacting them through their social media platform – and the fee agreed to, this is not only monetary, it can be in free or heavily discounted products/services, which is an affordable option for a small to medium business.


Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy to promote your product or business through the influencer’s Social Media account.

It is best to have a clear plan and marketing strategy before choosing your  influencer, so here are the steps to optimize your Influencer Marketing :

1. Define your target audience

Just like other marketing strategies, you should know your target audience, including the specific criteria such as age range, interest, hobbies and the influencers they follow.  Their favoritepublic figure or Social media Influencer that they follow can be a reference of what type of influencer they are interested in and have an impact in their marketing behaviours.

2. Set your objectives

What target do you want to achieve with the influencer marketing? ROI increasing, brand awareness, or more visitors to your social media/website? Define it along with a measurable target, for instance to reach 5 property sales in one month. By deciding your objective, it will make it easier for you to create a strategy or content plan, and spend your marketing budget efficiently.

3. Discover the Right Influencer for your Business

Influence is also about being contextual, so research your potential influencers content and style to match it with your objective. Have a discussion with the Influencer such as what type of content they will suggest, how will they collaborate with you, and of course, what fee you will pay. Take your time to decide which is the best for you.

4. Choose your advertising type with the Influencer

Whether it’s an image post, a review or a video while showing the product. You can ask the influencer what type of content that they have more engagement with their followers.

5. Prepare the Content Plan

Take time to create the content after deciding on the type, whether it’s for a professional look or casual look. Don’t forget to match it with their followers’ behaviour and interest.

Some influencers accept more than one endorsement or promotion with other businesses, so decide the best time for you to publish your posts.

6. Measure the result of the Campaign

Last but not least, you need a tool to track your influencer marketing campaign. You won’t know if the campaign meets your objective just by looking at  raw numbers.

Some influencer marketing tracking tools we recommended are :


When the campaign is over, it’s time to evaluate and analyze if it’s met your objective or not. If it’s failed, consider changing the content or way of approach from the influencer. A successful strategy and a good content is different among businesses, so never stop trying!