Get more Real Estate Leads with Automation

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Dec 14, 2017
2 minutes read

Lead generation is part of the everyday for those working in an industry where sales drive profits. In Real Estate an Agent needs to be able to consistently generate leads to increase their potential of delivering results.

More leads = more potential clients = more potential sales

Finding the clients who are more likely to purchase your product or engage in your services is one of the most important things to strive for. However, consistently  maintaining the flow of leads can be time consuming and demanding.

Automating stages of your process can save time and energy better spent on other areas of the business.

Email Marketing, Digital Property Brochures, Digital Listings are a few simple automation tools that can take the hassle out of lead generation. Instead of sending out individual emails containing PDFs of Agency service details, opting for a tool such as Digital Listing Presentations merges processes together, reduces the work you have to do and provides you reporting on performance.


Make each email feel unique to the client without writing each one!

Everyone loves something made JUST for them. Seeing their name, their recent purchases and knowing that they were remembered by an Agent moves a client’s relationship closer to being loyal to the brand. But no one has the time to write EACH name EVERY time in an email. So automate it! Using properly implemented codes, automation tools can look through your client list, insert everything from names, recent purchases, addresses, differentiate gender and if you have the data, even their eye colour! This saves so much time and it utilises data that you would otherwise have to search for yourself.


Some automation tools not only reduce labour efforts but enhance your process too

You can send an email to a client but where is the feedback that they have viewed it, clicked on links or forwarded it onto someone else? Products such as Digital Listing Presentations and Digital Property Brochures automate and simplify a large part of your lead generation process and also provide you regular feedback on performance. How can you grow if you don’t know what needs to be improved? We understand this is key to know so that is why in our products we provide feedback and analysis to clients.


So stop approaching lead generation the old fashioned way and get on the automation band wagon.

More leads = more potential clients = more potential sales.

Products such as Digital Listing Presentations, Email Marketing and Social Media Management make the lead generation process a lot more simple and increase your potential to gain more clients.