Instagram Marketing for Real Estate

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jun 20, 2018
2 minutes read


We’ve have been sharing marketing tips for Facebook and Twitter, and now it’s time for Instagram Marketing for Real Estate!

Just like other social media, you can find many potential clients on Instagram. The difference is, on Instagram, it is a visual medium so every update requires an image, one that is best created by yourself and therefore unique to your brand.

Post your own photos, images or videos

Your customer is looking forward to any news from your Instagram, so spoil them with your image creation or photo. If you are not too confident in your graphic design abilities, you can hire a graphic designer to create an image which represents your business, you can do the same for your video posted on Instagram.

Create an attractive video content

Knowing exactly what kind of story you want to project in your feeds will help you to make the content for your Instagram posts. Making a list of what you want to highlight is an easier way to help you make good videos. Show the best side of your business, it could be a testimonial video, a peek of your new product, or an interview about a topic related to your business. You can also use an inventive feature such as hyperlapse to produce an amusing feed that may appeal to your followers.

Show your personal or fun side

It’s okay to show a fun offside or personal side occasionally in your Instagram account. However remember to not do it too much otherwise you can lose your focus – real estate business. Be moderate and know when to show off your fun side; it humanizes you to your followers.

Use the popular and relevant hashtags

The hashtag is a key to getting found in most social media platforms. In order to get the right hashtag that effectively attracts the right follower, you should always try several combinations of common real estate terms to see which are used most often by Instagram users. However be careful to not overdo it, you may lose the focus of your posts and your target audience. You should take advantage of ones you know will help get your real estate Instagram feeds in front of the right audience and remove those that only generate random followers and likes.

Find the right time to post

Timing in posting content to your Instagram is important, always be thoughtful to not annoy your follower yet not get forgotten. In other words don’t post a content too often nor too sparingly. Analyze and research your followers’ habits to find the peak times so your new post can get more attention.


Making a known Instagram account will take time, so don’t ever give up on your account. Just keep trying until you find the types of posts, publication frequency, and hashtags that will help you grow your followers.