Are you going 3D in Real Estate Listings?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Nov 28, 2017
2 minutes read

There’s ASOS and Farfetched offering 3D product views, Bupa and Sunglass Hut offer 3D options. So why not go 3D in Real Estate Listings?

3D walk-throughs for real estate listings allow clients to explore a property in a highly immersive and virtual layout. In today’s Agentpoint article we discuss what 3D layouts are and how they are steadily making an impression in Real Estate

3D tour providers such as Scann3d and Matterport have partnered with several Agencies already to deliver detailed and immersive 3D walkthroughs of properties. Take a look at Matterport’s demo video which offers 360 degree views of an entire property. For clients, this is the next best thing to actually inspecting a property.

Midwest Vacation Rental Property from Matterport on Vimeo.

What are the benefits for Agent utilising 3D in Real Estate?


You give a better experience

A picture tells a thousand words and a 3D picture tells an entire story! Clients can view all angles of a property and can focus on the areas they want to. It provides detail that a normal picture doesn’t and you potentially gain more clients that would overlook a property that does not feature as many photos or photos that they are after.


You reach potential buyers who cannot attend an open house

Busy schedules are hand in hand with buyers. Many open inspections happen around the same time during the week and for many clients they need to narrow down to a select few. Those that can’t attend an open house can still get a similar experience via a 3D tour.


You find more serious buyers

There is always the window shopper who is just there to look. But how can you separate the serious buyers from those just looking for a tour of your latest properties? Virtual tours allows window shoppers to get the desired tour of a property and those that go to actual viewings are usually the ones willing to go a step further and usually they will hold more interest.


We here at Agentpoint are clearly on board with 3D making an appearance in Real Estate as we can see so much that it can offer to make Agents lives better. But how accessible is 3D tours? If you are looking to get into 3D tours or 3D modelling you can opt for apps such as Google Street View or Google Camera or go a step further with Drone technology and apps such as Pix4d that offer a convenient and cost effective way of displaying properties in 3D form. While a bit more costly, services are available such as Matterport or Scann3d.