Property Hub is a hub for your property

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jan 23, 2018
2 minutes read

Property Hub is a hub for your property, simple as that. Now, what does that mean? It is a cloud based system that Realtors can use to upload property data which can then be hosted onto websites, portals, emails and more.

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If you have a website with us, we use PropertyHub to host your data for your website. It doesn’t stop there, you can also use this same property data to create emails for clients in our system or you can import the data into a digital brochure and send it out to clients. Your gained potential with PropertyHub is extensive.


It is less work for you to do and more time to focus on generating real estate clients leads!

Want to make your life a little bit easier? Read on to discover the different ways you can utilise PropertyHub.


Host Data of Properties in PropertyHub (Importing) $40 p/mo

Why host your property data on PropertyHub? A multitude of our services we offer can easily extract the property data held in Property Hub and put it into products such as Digital Brochures, Listings and Websites. For example, by hosting your data on PropertyHub you can easily make a website, send a digital brochure AND push your property to portals. All using the SAME data from Property Hub.


Send your listing information to portals (Exporting) $70 p/mo

Instead of  listing your Real Estate properties on each domain  individually you can import your property data to Property Hub (at $40 p/mo) and then have it push your Property data (exporting) onto over 60 Real Estate Listing sites such as or

Its less work for you, its more reach to your clients and its more potential to generate leads when you get to cross property data over to several products we offer. Find out more about Property Hub and how you as a Real Estate Agent benefit from this.

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