Responsive websites are becoming more and more popular. By responsive we are referring to a website that adjusts automatically to optimise to the device the web browser is using. But the website does this (responds) without having to redirect the user to a specific mobile or tablet device which is the case with our Tablet and Mobile solutions.

1. Traditional Method

Here is the website, tablet and mobile sites for a client using

When a web user accesses this website via a mobile the website redirects the user to the Mobile version at

2. Responsive Method

If you look at this client then you will see the site changes according to the device yet the user is not directed to another url for the Mobile or Tablet versions.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Responsive Website?
Traditional Mobile Site Responsive Site
User stays on 1 website
All content is optimised
Update content in 1 location
Removal of extra ongoing hosting fees
You own the site

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