Facebook for Real Estate Agents

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Nov 17, 2017
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As part of our Digital Brochure Services, we offer Facebook services to Real Estate Agents. This includes Facebook Advertisement customised to you and your properties, Facebook Applications and Automated Facebook Feed.

You don’t have to login or make anything, we do all of this for you.

AFacebook for Agents from Agentpoint

Read on to find out about the entire Facebook range of services offered by Agentpoint.

Facebook advertisements

Digital Property Brochures

    1. Paid Facebook ads via our Digital Property Brochures

This product provides you with an Individual Property Website for each property which is personalised for every person who enquiries around the property. We then give you the option to automatically create paid facebook ads and provide a weekly vendor report to you on engagement from the facebook ads and the individual property websites.

  • Example73Woorarra.comfacebook property advertisements
  • More Informationhere
  • Setup Fee – Configuration of your template – $475 + GST
  • Per Property Fee – $299 + GST

Note: You only pay for the properties you would like this activated for and the facebook advertising charges are inclusive in the $299 per fee.


The 3 campaigns are as follows:

  • Re-target ads – to those contacts who have inquired about the property
  • Serve ads – to a lookalike audience within facebook we create
  • Sold campaign – after the property sells we create an ad campaign promoting your personal success with the sale to provide potential vendor


  1. Facebook Applications

We create 3 additional tabs (in the left sidebar) within your Facebook business page and then automatically push your staff and properties into the tabs within facebook. The benefit is they create additional stickiness to your page and are a great point of difference when pitching to vendors.

  • ExampleProperties |  Team  | Welcome
  • More Informationhere
  • Setup Fee – Configuration of your application – $650 + GST
  • Annual hosting and maintenance fee – $300 + GST


  1. Automated Facebook Feed

This product allows you to automatically syndicate content from your website into your facebook account. It automates new listings and news articles from your website to Facebook.

  • Setup Fee – Configuration of the feed – $225 + GST
  • Annual hosting and maintenance fee – $180 + GST


Want a quick preview? Take a look at our video introduction on Facebook Advertisements.

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