How to Increase the Success of Facebook Ads in Real Estate

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Apr 18, 2018
3 minutes read

In this electronic age, no one can avoid using digital marketing to promote their business. The increase of active users in social media, especially Facebook, has proven itself as a great opportunity for advertising with a massive potential reach. According to Venture Beat in 2016, Facebook reached the 1.65 billion active monthly user mark. Even a reach of at least 10% of those active users presents a huge marketing advantage. This is why Facebook Ads might considered as an effective way of marketing.

However, the more reach your advertisement gets, the more capital you spend.  The price per 1000 reach or impression has also grown more and more expensive every year. Example, in 2010, a budget of $100 for your advertisement was effective, but today, that same budget isn’t even a tickle on positive ROI anymore.

Despite this, don’t be discouraged, optimizing your ads, not only to fit into a feasible budget but also give an impressive result to your business is still possible with many types of Facebook ads that you can choose according to your goals.

We concluded 3 steps to increase your Facebook ads success, especially in the real estate arena!

1.Targeted audience

The 1.65 billion Facebook active users could both be beneficial and disadvantageous for you. Untargeted audiences are too broad and expensive compared to a small numbered but a specific audience.

Narrowing your audience is a good strategy to reach your target market, those who are interested and responsive, and will more likely click on your ad.

You can start narrowing your audience by city, interest, age, gender, and pages they have liked. Use Facebook’s or third party’s tools, features, and functions to find the best segment criteria for your ads to bring you one step closer to your Facebook Ads success.

2. Capture user attention with eye-catching images and words

Once you have targeted a segmented audience, prepare the image and copywriting of your ads in an eye-catching style to grab your audience’s attention once the ads appear on their Facebook feed.

Focus on :

  1. Headline – be “the magnet” of your ads
  2. Body Text – summarize your product or ads
  3. Image – A picture speaks louder than words
  4. CTA (Call To Action) button – what you want people to do after they see your ad
  5. Type of Ad – carousel, News Feed, Right column

Choose and create the best design for your ads and goal.

3. Do A/B testing

Once the preparation is complete and you are ready to post the advertisement, don’t forget to check it’s effectiveness with A/B testing. This testing’s purpose is to determine which advertisement design is more likable to your audience.

You may have a captivating advertisement, but no 100% guarantee that it will be well responded to by your audiences. That’s why you need to do A/B testing.

The below A/B testing example for Macbook demonstrates this – can you guess which ad gained more attention?











While the first appears more professional, the image blends with every other business posts shared on Facebook.

The second one, however, stands out from the crowd and demands attention. Anyone with a damaged Macbook can relate to the post and understand the message delivered.

Change traditional and obvious advertisements with eye-catching, “real” images, and harness a unique advertising concept to get more traffic from your ads!

Are you ready to create high reach potential Facebook ads?