The Art of Reinventing your Real Estate Business

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Oct 5, 2017
2 minutes read

If you did exactly the same thing time and time again, often you will find your brand goes stale as results waver and conversions drop. 

Now, wouldn’t logic state ‘tried and tested’ to be the best method? Not exactly.

In a society of constantly evolving technology, innovations and needs we can think of the best method to be along the lines of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to ‘adapt or die’. You need to identify the changing market needs and be able to meet these needs in the most up-to-date and user friendly way. This way, you stay ahead of the game and adapt to potentially evolve into something bigger and better.

10 years ago the marketing method was well rounded with outside sales, customer service, inside sales comprising most of the effort with little on the web. However, with the boom of technology, global interconnection via the web and emergence of IoT, more than 60% of initiatives are orientated around the web and aimed at appealing to the buyer.

Wondering what steps to take to transform your Real Estate business to be at the forefront of the game? Discover disruption and how it can put the heart into your Real Estate business and have a look at some of our simple tips below.


  • New isn’t always about being different, aim to be for the better. This could be a more efficient call back system, a post automation system or simply starting to provide client call-backs. CRM solutions can be tailored to businesses and can can do everything from Client CRM to providing Property Alerts


  • Make sure you can be found. Check your web presence, are you online? Are you in the top results? Making sure you turn up in search engines such as Google is something you need to ensure. Lead Generation with branding campaigns, property social campaigns on sites such as Instagram and Facebook, can make sure that your brand is heard and noticed.


  • Targeted landing pages and clear calls to action. With the help of a service such as ProposalPoint, create a plan of how your website service should navigate. From point of generated interest (social media, adverts) through to the click through and engagement in your site and identification of products to suit your client. You should be aware how your process appears to clients and be able to identify what is working and isn’t.