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Client relationship management (CRM) is a key aspect in running a real estate agency. There are many solutions available in the real estate space. These all vary slightly with strong individual selling points appealing to an agent’s requirements. Often a solution which is ideal for one agent or agency is not suitable for another and it can be difficult to find a product that best meets all of the agency needs.

We understand the need for flexibility around CRM so have 3 different approaches to it within Agentpoint. These range from providing an automated synchronisation between Agentpoint and your existing CRM, property uploads to 3rd party real estate classifieds portals or feature rich CRM systems for Residential, Commercial or Business Brokers


This software continually syncs your properties from any 3rd party CRM systems into the Agentpoint products you use. It provides you with the opportunity to use the CRM system which best meets the needs of your agency while taking advantage of the products and services of Agentpoint.

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PropertyHUB + Portal Uploads

Add your listings once and have them automatically uploaded to a wide selection of real estate portals and classifieds websites in Australian and across the World. Portal Uploads is the most efficient way to manage your stock across multiple 3rd party websites.

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CRM Systems

Catering to individual agents through to agencies and network groups in Residential Commercial and Business Brokerage the Agentpoint CRM solutions are feature rich and are constantly evolving with the latest in technology and enhancements.

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