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Since 2001 Agentpoint has been working closely with our customers building a lead generation process that delivers high quality, qualified leads. Our lead generation technology platform performs two functions. Firstly, it provides a means to drive property seeker, vendor and landlord leads to our customers and secondly, it then tells our customers which of those leads are ready to convert into a client/sale.

A key feature of our lead generation technology platform is that it connects with all of the major CRM and email marketing systems systems used by real estate agents across Australia and New Zealand. This is important, as it eliminates the need for double handling leads and allows our customers to maintain a dynamic (and up-to-date) lead and contact database.


It allows for intuitive and automatic communication to an agent’s database, in an effort to recognise who is ready to sell their property. A CRM add-on that utilises smart data tracking and lead behaviour triggers providing you with alerts around when to close customers.

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Property Social Campaigns

Reach passive buyers and sellers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via running automated paid ads for your property listings. Via our innovative smarts we can build a custom (yet targeted) audience who your ads are served up to, delivering you buyer, seller and landlord leads.

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Social Lead Generation

Generate a consistent source of qualified vendor and landlord leads from facebook and instagram. A massively untapped source of quality leads that can be delivered to your Inbox.

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Branding Campaigns

Google AdWords or Facebook campaigns that chase audiences around the web who have engaged with your brand. We saturate these audiences with your brand so it gives the sense you own the web in their area.

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