ActiveAgent is a client nurturing system built for real estate professionals that uses analytics to drive more appraisals.

It allows for intuitive and automatic communication to an agent’s database, in an effort to recognise who is ready to sell their property. A CRM add-on that utilises smart data tracking and lead behaviour triggers providing you with alerts around when to close customers.

You’ll know WHO to call about WHAT and WHEN.

ActiveAgent transforms how agents interact with their database

Manages Contact Journey – never worry about setting or completing a trail again. The system automatically sets trails which are automatically complete

Generates Content – the system generates content specific to either property seekers or property owners (potential vendors) and past clients.

Handles Marketing – never write or send a newsletter again as the system generates Monthly Suburb Market Reports

Property Lifecycle – the system intuitively recognises which stage of the lifecycle a contact in your database is in.

Know Who to Call – a weekly call list is generated around who in your database is most active and likely to be looking to sell.

Completely Streamlined – ActiveAgent won’t replace your existing Property CRM rather it works in conjunction with it.

The key to success of the ActiveAgent solution is a fully integrated solution between CRM, Website and email

Personal Website – a website all about you, with your stock and on your own domain name with content that we create and manage. We split the content into smaller chunks so it allows us to analyse the behaviour of website traffic

Automated Contact Journeys – a number of journeys for each stakeholder (property seekers and property owners) that involves various communication channels such as email, sms, website and chat popups

Engagement Tracking – the platform will track a contact’s engagement with your emails, website (what pages they view and how often), chat popups and sms. You can view a feed for each contact with their engagement within our system.

Predictive Data Analytics – via our advanced algorithms with can tell you who is ready to sell, eliminating the guesswork around who to call from your database each week