Generating Real Estate leads through Social Media

By • Posted on Nov 3, 2016
2 minutes read

Where is your next property listing coming from?

As result of the shortage of listings for sale during 2016, generating leads in the Real Estate industry has become harder than ever. Agents are turning to social media to help generate more leads for their business with Facebook and Instagram becoming breeding grounds for generating real estate leads. But there is an art in doing this which if mastered, can return excellent results.

In an era where we use social media to not only communicate but to research, shop, find events and review brands and products it makes sense that vendors are turning to social media to find the agent that best suits them and their property. Social media allows its users to review agents with the honesty of the public’s feedback, it allows agents to showcase their listings and success all in the one place and with the average person spending over 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing their social media channels each day it is important that as an agent you are maximising your potential on social media. But how do you do this successfully?

First you need to work on your branding.

Have your prospects seen your brand before? Are you recognisable? Are you the first brand that comes to mind when a vendor thinks of selling? If the answer is no then a Branding Campaign is for you. With the power of the internet, social media and advertising, being seen and recognised online is easy. Real Estate agents are creating online adverts and call to actions to ensure that their brand is spread across the most popular channels available, this is helping them to create a digital footprint that is the first brand that comes to mind when a vendor in their area is considering selling.

Once you have increased your branding and digital footprint it is time to increase the leads coming into your business. Traditionally real estate leads came through methods such as billboards, paper advertising and referrals. Although these methods are still being used today they only create a small amount of leads at one time and are very inconsistent. Lead Generation through Facebook and Instagram is how agents in 2016 are making the most from their advertising budget and receiving the most qualified leads in return. Social media allows you to create instant call to actions targeted at the users you want to engage with, it is an easy way of collecting data and can be done without ever leaving the office. But what if your not up to speed on the social media front? Well that’s ok because Agentpoint have released an entire suit of Lead Generation products that will help to increase your branding and are guaranteed to deliver you with more qualified leads than ever before.

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