Should I use a specialist real estate web developer to build my real estate website?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 20, 2017
2 minutes read

Sometimes non industry specialist web developers offer a fresh approach to how a real estate agent or agency should market themselves in regard to their website design.

However, in most cases they are the incorrect company to be building your real estate website and their involvement with the build process should stop after they have complete the website design.

Real estate websites are quite unique in that they involve a lot of technology and coding to display all of the feature rich and dynamic content that properties and agent profiles include. So the initial investment for a web development company to build this technology is quite significant especially if they need to build the back-end to accept property listings from a CRM. Some companies could quote anywhere from $19,000 to $65,000 to build a stand alone real estate website.

web designer and developer venn diagram

You usually see that real estate agents or agencies are underquoted by non real estate specific web developers to deliver a full functioning real estate website. More often than not, this ends is disaster for that agent who isn’t delivered the solution they signed-off for and what is delivered is usually months and months overdue.

Fortunately, for real estate agents and agencies there are companies that specialise in the real estate industry, meaning they have already invested significantly in building the infrastructure and codebase needed to deliver the solution an agent is expecting. These companies can therefore build out websites a lot quicker and a lot more cost effective than non real estate specific web developers. You’ll also find that the website delivered by these companies will function and work with less issues/bugs as they’re not reinventing the wheel and writing code for the websites from scratch.

The end result will be a quicker, cheaper and more satisfying experience for a real estate agent when using the services of a real estate web developer such as Agentpoint.