Upstate Real Estate Dee Why/Collaroy Website Launch

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jan 11, 2019
2 minutes read

We are very excited with the beautiful custom built real estate website we have just launched for Upstate Real Estate. Upstate are a very successful real estate agency in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney with experienced agents Peter Mosedale, Lachlan Yeates and Vincent West who are behind this new brand.

Previously the agency was Raine & Horne Dee Why / Collaroy but they decided to start an independent agency that still offered the same range of services in residential and commercial sales and leasing as well as project marketing. They approached Agentpoint looking for a real estate web developer that had the expertise and experience to build a website that projected their new brand while building features that would deliver content to their key stakeholders.

The website has been designed with great imagery and clean design in mind. The photographs were all taken specifically for the website to create this clean look and feel. The website also has lots of personalised calls to action to generate leads for Upstate’s sales agents and property managers.

The “Sell With Us” and “Lease With Us” pages are all tailored for the viewer so the message is different for residential property, commercial real estate and project marketing. The viewer is also able to easily select the most appropriate case studies for their situation along with the page being littered with calls to action.

We are very proud of this project and believe the Upstate team have really created a unique real estate website that sets the brand and agency up to continue the success they have achieved over their many years in the industry. You can see the Upstate website along with our other custom real estate websites here.