What SEO items are included the purchase price of a website?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Aug 1, 2017
2 minutes read

Agentpoint has extensive experience in providing search engine optimisation (SEO) services to clients within the real estate industry.

Getting the most juice out of search engines, requires regular optimisation improvements to a website using white-hat seo techniques. This will demonstrate to search engines like google that your website is continually progressing and presenting content in the most efficient format for it and website audiences to read.

As part of the setup process for all websites that Agentpoint deliver to our clients, we make sure the following SEO items are included in the post launch tasks:

  • Google XML sitemap is added and configured – The Extensible Markup Language or XML, conveys information about the URL structure of your website to search engines. We build it and submit it to the search engines to make sure all pages within your website are included in the sitemap and therefore visible to search engines.
  • Google analytics is set up – If the client hasn’t provided us with their own google analytics code to add to the website then we will create google analytics code for them and then add this to the website. We can then add the client to receive a monthly report around SEO results from Google analytics. We can also train yuo how to use this tool to continually monitor the success of your website. 
  • Add and configure an SEO plugin – We add an SEO plugin and configure the global settings for the website so the meta data is consistent with the agency’s location and service proposition. 

The above items are the general and basic SEO items we perform for all clients. It’s amazing how many web developers don’t perform these basic items for their client’s of if they do they charge an additional fee for this. Just by doing the above items and moving a client to use the WordPress CMS often results in a boost to the client’s SEO. There is one additional item we would recommend client’s who already have an SEO presence should do when building a new website through Agentpoint. That is making sure they setup 301 redirects from the old site to the new website.

We have a number of other SEO services that we provide clients which help improve the SEO for their websites which you should read about.