Rundown Brunswick house featured in Beyonce’s No Angel music video sells at auction

By • Posted on Mar 2, 2016
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When a Beyonce lookalike arrived in a convertible at 20 Beith Street Brunswick, everyone could tell this would be no ordinary auction‬!

This auction had it all: a hotted-up car, curvaceous Beyonce lookalike, live band, flashing cameras, bottles of champagne, hundreds of onlookers!

 Elderly vendors Jeanette and Roy Meadows sat quietly in the crowd on deck chairs, surrounded by friends and family.

They were offered just $300 by Beyonce to pose in front of their long-time family home in 2013.

On Saturday, they were stunned to see the property price soar above expectation.

Three years ago, Mrs Meadows didn’t know who Beyonce was. She thought the minder who came knocking wanted to take a photo of his “fiancee” on the verandah.

Auctioneer Steven James of Find The Best Agent skillfully auctioned the hotly contested rundown Brunswick‬ house for  for $650,000 – a great result!

Video and more photos available from Visual Domain, who shot the auction.