Blogging to Generate More Real Estate Leads

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on May 15, 2019
3 minutes read

Blogging is an online marketing concept that is very popular among online (and increasingly traditional bricks and mortar) businesses and with good reason. In the real estate business, blogging is a powerful tool to generate more leads from vendors and landlords and therefore more business for the agency. Here is a look at some benefits you stand to gain from blogging.

Benefits of Blogging for Real Estate Websites
Great keyword rich content will help to generate more leads for your real estate website. Writing articles that provide valuable content for your clients while including keywords that potential vendors and landlords are likely to be searching for will help you be found on Google and drive traffic to your website.

Grow Your Real Estate Website Traffic with Blogging
When blogging for real estate, you have to be target oriented. The content should provide value for your real estate clients but also include the keywords your ideal prospect would be searching for. This is what will have your website climb up the Google rankings over time.

Think about what your ideal real estate lead would be searching for and sprinkle those terms in your blog posts (but don’t over do it!) Terms like “manage my investment property”, “best real estate agent in [suburb]”, “selling a house in [suburb]”

Show Your Expertise Through Your Real Estate Blog Posts
The internet is filled with ads. The sad reality is that some people shy away from them and while online and social media advertising is important to showcase your brand and generate leads blogging provides another source of real estate leads from people who are seeking information (and often seeking information on selling or leasing their property, exactly who you want to talk to!) Showing your value by providing expert content and relevant information on your local area is a great way to grow your brand, prove your worth and get more leads.

Engage More on Social Media
Social media is the most interactive space on the Internet. It is a treasure trove of people sharing content with their friends but also engaging with brands and looking for interesting content that is relevant to them. Blogging can help you to establish your social media presence and position yourself as an expert. The interesting and relevant blogs you have written to gain website traffic from people searching on Google can also be shared on your social media channels to grow your social media presence get more leads for your real estate website.

Blogging for Real Estate is a Cost Effective Way to Get More Leads
Blogging is a long-term strategy that is very cost-effective for the value it provides. How much will it cost to write one article (in time, or money if you outsource it) that can stay on your blog forever and generate leads for years to come? Once you have answered that question you need to ask how much is a lead worth to you. Of course, one blog post is unlikely to generate many leads or help your Google ranking very much. You need to be regularly posting and using different keywords to have your posts climb Google’s rankings over time. When done regularly your website will slowly climb up Google (or maintain its position if you already rank well) and generate more leads from your real estate website.

Blogging for real estate websites is a cost effective and long term strategy to position yourself and / or your agency as an expert in your local area, provide content for your social media channels and over time generate more leads from prospective vendors and landlords looking for a Real Estate Professional to lease or sell their property.