Sweet iPhone Application for Real Estate

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 29, 2010
< 1 minute read

While Australia has beautiful real estate websites with excellent functionality we always appear to lag behind countries like US in picking up new technologies in the real estate sector. In particular iPhone applications as I’m yet to see an Australian real estate franchise or office with an iPhone application other than Harcourts.

It can be argued that this application isn’t in fact Australian as I believe it comes from Harcourts head office in New Zealand. Anyway like all great New Zealand things we’ll claim it as Australian. I’ve seen a lot of iPhone application and I must say, this application is quite good. It’s very unique and allows you to locate all properties and agents in Australia and New Zealand. It does the job perfectly and even allows you to save the full contact details for an agent to your phone’s contacts.

Maybe Harcourts with their new website and iPhone application are setting the trend for a new more technological franchise operation. As quite frankly the technology which the majority of major franchise groups in Australia operate with is comical and years out of date.