Does Social Media Follower number really matter?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on May 2, 2018
2 minutes read

Social Media Usage

For many people and business owners, their ‘fame’ on social media is judged solely by the number of followers. The more followers they have, the closer they are to succeed. But, is quantity more important than quality?

The Advantages of Having a lot of Followers

People tend to gather in crowds, we are in essence social beings, and social media is no different. So if an Instagram account, for instance, is followed by many of your friends, you will also most likely start following the account. Even if you don’t have much interest in that Instagram account.

So when followers like or comment, and share the post, it increases the chance of the product or post will be seen by their friends. Which is a potential new follower, and more importantly a potential conversion?

This is a good sign for business owners who want to grab new followers. In a sales conversion, it may do little for your business growth as this new follower doesn’t have much interest in your product. However, there is still a chance they will turn into a customer.

The probability of your business reach increases as your follower number does. So, if you have 1,000,000 followers, when you post your product, at least 20% or 200,000 followers will see your product, which also means your potential customer will see it.

Although there is no guarantee that likes left by your followers will be converted into sales, whether your follower number is big or small, it’s a potential conversion… if you can provide the interest and need.

Knowing your customer – your follower is the key!

  • What kind of topics are they interested in?
  • Do they need your product?
  • How can they use it?

Social media allows you to connect your product to your customer and show them a need for it. You will create more engagement with your followers, and attract new ones which have an interest not only in your content. You will also show them your product about how and why – how to use it, and why they need it.

A few followers that have much interest in your product or content are much better than a huge amount of followers with less interest that don’t relate to your business at all.

So, quantity over quality?
Concentrate on the quality of engagement first and the quantity will follow!