Do I have full control over managing my website once it’s complete?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 4, 2017
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Agentpoint’s preferred Content Management System (CMS) to produce websites from is WordPress

(understand more around the benefits of WordPress)

Once Agentpoint has delivered and launched a website for our client we then give the client full access to manage, update and/or evolve their new website. 

This means the client will have full (Admin) access to the back of the website so they can control all content across the site, add additional pages or posts, add plugins and widgets along configure these as needed.


For clients who have purchased a Hybrid or Custom agency website they will also be provided access to the hosting control panel which means they can view the source code for the website along access the website database. This is important, as it means the client can create a copy of the website and store it locally on their machine or external hard drive. It also gives the client the freedom to move their website to another hosting provider or have 3rd party web developers maintain and support the website. The client has the option to use other 3rd party suppliers to perform work on their website such as SEO companies or lead generation and social media specialist.