Is Content Marketing Effective in Real Estate?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 27, 2017
2 minutes read

Content marketing is the art of providing relevant and engaging content to your audience rather than the traditional means of marketing whereby you pitch your products and services.

If you look at the sales funnel within real estate you have people interested in real estate related content at the top of the funnel while the bottom of the funnel are vendors and landlords contacting you, ready to have you manage or sell their property.

Content Marketing Funnel

At the bottom of the funnel you have a small percentage of the population (less than 3%) yet every single real estate agent in the country is targeting this audience. At the top of the funnel you have access to anyone who wants to consu


me any real estate related content. This could include questions around how to buy, sell, lease a property. Or what it is like living in a certain area, what schools there are, what the community is like. It could be other information like interest rates, property prices or the state of the economy. And it’s this audience at the top of the funnel that makes up the majority of the population.

Most real estate agents aren’t interested in the top of the funnel audience as they are not ready to transact and more importantly agents don’t understand the value in connecting and engaging with this audience. This is where content marketing comes into play.

As a real estate agent engaging a content marketing strategy you develop relevant content for this audience. You capture their attention and if they see value in the content you provide then they will subscribe and be a part of your ongoing audience. Then next time 

they’re ready to transact or they have a friend or family member looking for an agent, then you’ll be the first agent they consider.

There are only a small percentage of agents who are successfully implementing a content marketing strategy for their businesses. You’ll find that these agents are becoming authority’s in the areas of expertise and over time will receive a mass amount of organic leads due to their content creation efforts.

To see an example of agent successfully using content marketing to their advantage check out R&W Mosman and the weekly Virtual Realty News that Robert Simeon has been producing since 2008. He has positioned himself as a leader in economic and political commentary and its impact on the real estate industry. This is something his demographics on Mosman Sydney are interested and engaged with.