Can we customise a Hybrid website?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Aug 15, 2017
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Can Agentpoint customize your site?

We’re often asked what customisations can be made with a Hybrid website.

The standard inclusions when purchasing a Hybrid website are:

  • You own the site you are purchasing and not leasing it like with other real estate website providers.
  • We rebrand the site with your logo, colours and font.
  • We add up to 25 pages of content including adjusting the main navigation.
  • We provide training around how you can add/manage content within the website

Note: When the content is added to your Hybrid website it is restricted to the layout of the page templates found within the chosen site. So if you wanted to adjust the layout or functionality of one of the page templates then this will take additional development time from our end and would incur additional costs.

The website comes with a full content management system using WordPress meaning you are free to login and change/add/manage pages and posts. You also have the ability to load all types of media (videos, pdf, links, images) to the pages within your website. WordPress comes with the ability to load 3rd party plugins and widgets so you have the flexibility to configure these yourself or choose a 3rd party to help or support you.