Campaign Summary added to Agentlog

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Nov 30, 2008
< 1 minute read

The new Campaign Summary in Agentlog allows agents to create a new property id for Residential Lease property listing which have been previously been leased. This means the property will be treated as a new property listing and will appear at the front of search results when it is displayed on the agent’s website and importantly on any 3rd party real estate advertising website they are a member of.

New campaigns can only be created after the current campaign has ended. The current campaign will end once the property is leased and the status of the property is changed to Leased. When the property comes on to the market again the agent will go into the “Edit” section of the property and select Add New in the campaign summary section.

The old property id will be updated with a new property id and all the old property listing data will be available for you to submit, edit or delete. A summary of the previous campaign(s) will be displayed so the agent or property manager can track when the property was leased and for what amount.