Should I focus on building Facebook likes?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Aug 17, 2017
< 1 minute read

Sometimes I am asked by real estate agents what is a strategy around building the number of Facebook likes on my real estate Facebook page. Before I explore strategies with that agent (or agency) I have them explain to me what their goal is around their Facebook page.

Surprisingly, most real estate agents don’t have a goal beyond building as many Likes as they can for their page. A lot of people believe that Facebook page Likes are social proof in regard to the popularity and success of a real estate agent. These are what are known as Vanity Statistics and many real estate agents feel compelled to have more facebook page Likes than their competitors.

As a real estate agent if your only goal with Facebook is focused around page likes then my suggestion would be not to spend the time nor money investing into Facebook. Facebook should be used as a means to deliver content from your website to an audience. Your goal should be for the audience to engage with that content, share that content and eventually drive them back to your website where you convert them into a subscriber within your database.

On a final point, you can’t walk into a bank and convert Facebook likes into cash, so focus on how you can utilize Facebook to drive more sales or leads that can be converted into cash.