Agentpoint Mapping Plug-in

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Mar 6, 2008
< 1 minute read

In another first, Agentpoint have developed a stand alone mapping application that can run off any Agentpoint website. The Agentpoint Mapping Application for Real Estate displays a google based map with properties from an office. This is a configurable plugin in which the administrator enters the office ids and/or states to be displayed on the maps. An Ajax based quick search form is provided to allow users to refine their search results. When a property is chosen from the search results, it is displayed on the maps with a link to a more detailed page. The real estate mapping application has the ability to stand alone or as seen on this site work off a current development.

You can view the mapping application on these websites:

We will be adding this application to selected clients over the coming weeks.