A WordPress Application for the Real Estate Industry

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Apr 22, 2009
< 1 minute read

Listing Press is a new WordPress plugin developed to allow real estate agents and other bloggers in the United States with the opportunity to display real estate listings within their personal or business blogs. Listing Press draws properties through IDX providers who redirect the MLS information into an independent blog or website.

This is great as it means the blog or website owner can display the property data in what ever format they like and it improves website SEO. How? Well by doing so, your site will now contain all the content and keywords that home buyers are searching for.

This is the second WordPress plugin (in as many months) to be released in the United States designed to drag 3rd party real estate and property listing information into a blog. I guess this highlights how popular WordPress has become, it is the number one blogging platform and as you can see through our work at Agentpoint is a great foundation to build a website from.