10 Blog Topics for Agents

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jun 8, 2017
2 minutes read

We often get asked here at Agentpoint from our Real Estate clients on what Agents should be blogging about.

Here are a few tips on great topics you can blog about each week on your website. New content carries a lot of weight in helping maintain a higher search ranking. Especially focusing on your key word strategy can give your SEO a huge boost.

1) Sale Property Listing of the Week
Write about the property, its unique features, the agent selling it and any other important local information.

2) Rental Property Listing of the Week
Write about current trends, turn outs at open homes, etc. This is a great way to integrate tips on looking for a new rental or property investments

3) Sold Property of the Week
Write about the property, the sale and include testimonials or reflection from the agent

4) Featured Staff Member of the Month
Do a spotlight on an agent and their achievements and interests. This helps potential buyers / investors get to know them and their interests better.

5) Local Events / Sporting Teams
If you support a local event or sporting team, by writing blog posts you will be creating unique online content. Combining community events with real estate news is a good way to create a great balance in content.

6) Local Parks / Events for Kids / Families
Writing about local activities for families can be as simple as your review and tips on each park and why its great for kids and families, create a list with a google map and photos

7) Your favourite local restaurants and cafes
Write about your favourite local restaurant or cafe and your favourite meals at each place.

8) Preparing home for Sale
Create a checklist of tips on preparing the home for sale. This can be as detailed or simple as you like.

9) Buying Tips
Create a check list of what buyers need to know when they are looking at buying a home, using your expert Real Estate knowledge around the topic.

10) Overview / Information on schools in your local area
Not only will this be found when something is thinking about sending their kids to a school in the area it may also be someone who will be looking for a home in the area.