Zoo Property Welcomes You to 2009

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jan 5, 2009
2 minutes read

A warm welcome to everyone for 2009. The new year is a very exciting time for the team at Agentpoint as we prepare for the launch of our Zoo Property real estate property listing system.

Zoo Property has been Agentpoint’s biggest ever development project, under construction since June 2008 with the launch anticipated for May 2009. Zoo Property will provide real estate professionals across the world including agents, property managers, holiday accommodation managers, property developers and project managers with a feature rich web based property listing system.

Real estate professionals can manage their property listing and team member information through a web browser which will display this information on their website and also the leading 3rd party advertising portals in Australia and across the world.

What makes Zoo Property different from products offered by other real estate software companies? We guarantee you will not find web based property listing software anywhere in the world for as cheap as what we offer.

How does $348 (Including GST) per year sound? Zoo Property will cost less than $1 a day for each office which uses our system with no further costs, fees or charges and no restrictions on the number of team members, properties or property data each office can submit.

This kind of pricing has never been offered before in the market. Some of our competitors charge for 1 month what Zoo Property will charge for 1 year.

Zoo Property has been designed for scalability and is ideal for real estate franchisers who currently spend millions of dollars per year for the same system. As a franchise if you can pay around $50,000 a year for all of your offices to access and use the same system you currently pay millions of dollars for.

Keep coming back hear to see updates about Zoo Property or alternatively add your email address to www.zooproperty.com and be sent updates on our progress.