Mohbe – Mobile Phone Real Estate

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 17, 2009
< 1 minute read

We have just completed a dynamic web application called Mohbe which allows any real estate agent in the World to have a dedicated mobile phone website for each of their property listings. The mobile phone website is viewable through any mobile phone which has an internet browser and access to the internet. We spent considerable time making sure we optimised the mobile phone website to the thousands of different handsets on the market.

What makes this product completely unique are the options available to a property seeker to get the property url into their mobile phone. Mohbe users the latest in barcode technology by allocating a QR Code to each property. A property seeker will scan this QR Code using their mobile phone camera which will then automatically load the mobile property page in the phone’s browser. For those users who do not have a camera phone, they can quickly enter the Mohbe tiny property url into their browser eg

Agents have the option to upload their listings manually through the Mohbe interface or they can automatically send property data feeds via xml through to the Mohbe xml parser.

Agentpoint successfully integrated xml, with a wordpress platform which allows for complete account management and secure payments through PayPal while developing a mobile phone website which are compatible with the large number of different phones on the market.