Mercer Property Sydney Website Launch

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on May 3, 2019
2 minutes read

We are excited with the bespoke commercial real estate website we have just launched for Mercer Property. This website is for a new boutique real estate agency providing expert advice across a range of commercial property services in the CBD and inner suburbs of Sydney. Founding directors Matt Davoren and Tom Speakman had a shared vision to create a commercial property services company with a modern and intelligent approach.

Mercer Property Sydney offer services including commercial sales and leasing, asset management as well as new developments and projects. When they approached us they wanted a real estate web developer that had the experience to build a custom website that mirrored their vision for a new look in commercial real estate websites. Mercer wanted to take the influence the design and fashion industries have had on boutique residential real estate brands and bring that into the commercial real estate space.

The website has been created to show a very clean and simple look with strong imagery and good usability. The website is deliberately not text heavy to highlight and bring attention to the great imagery while each page has been custom built to give it a boutique look and feel.

The For Sale and For Lease pages have each been created with a simple search functionality to make it easy to find the most appropriate properties while your recently viewed properties are displayed below. The News page has also been custom built and the latest news article is displayed at the top of the home page.

We are very pleased with the result of this build and believe the Mercer Property team have produced a commercial real estate website that matches their vision and will help this new venture grow in Sydney’s commercial real estate market. You can see the Mercer Property website as well as our other custom real estate websites here.