How many pages of content are included in my new website?

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jul 18, 2017
< 1 minute read

Page ContentIt is standard in our website quotes that we include up to 25 pages of content in any new website build.

By pages this could be standard information pages on a website or blog/news posts/pages.

To collect the content for the pages, at our client’s request we can take the content from their existing website or if they don’t have a website or are re-writing the content then we will provide them with a shared G-Drive folder where they can load the content.

Once the client has provided instruction on where we can obtain the content, we will start adding the content to the website we’re developing for them. We understand that sometimes it’s necessary to see content on the new website to be able to finalise it. Therefore, we allow clients to request 1 round of changes/feedback to the content after we have added it to the website. We do this by providing the client with a shared Feedback Spreadsheet where they can add their feedback/changes they require.

For additional changes after the round of feedback has been complete we will quote the client on completing these changes for them. The client also has the option to login and make these additional content changes themselves and/or add additional pages/posts beyond the 25 which we include in part of the setup fee.