Agentpoint Advertising Platform

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Oct 31, 2008
< 1 minute read

Due to the popularity of our Business Directory application and also because of the very ineffective avenues for local businesses to advertise online has led to the creation of an Agentpoint Advertising application. This application allows real estate websites to sell advertising to local businesses who can place text based ads on the agents website.

This application took a few months to develop but has been well worth the wait, as it is amazing! It runs similar to the Google advertising platform where text based ads are displayed around the website, allowing advertisers to set up an account, book, pay, edit, view statistics and book further advertising. It also has an in-depth backend functionality which allows the real estate agency principal to view advertisers, ads, payments, ad statistics and adjust ad costs and ad duration.

There are two distinct features in this application which make it unique and highly beneficial to local businesses. The first is that advertisers can narrow their online advertising to a specific audience (buyer or renter) in a suburb or across multiple suburbs. No longer are advertisers required to pay to market their service to an audience who are never likely to use the service.

The other great feature about this advertising system is that it caters for advertisers who do not have a website. Many current advertising systems only show limited information about the advertiser’s business and then have a link to their website. Our system allows all advertisers to provide additional information about their business which can be viewed by users by a simple click of the mouse.

This is a fantastic application which can be included on any real estate website. Real estate agents can connect with local businesses while also generating additional revenue.