Gabrial Pennicott

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Jan 8, 2020
< 1 minute read

I want to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude for the excellent job AgentPoint has accomplished with respect to the building of our website In particular, I wish to printout the outstanding and tireless effort of Imad Dabir who project managed the development most efficiently and effectively.

Imad’s communication skills, and ability to translate our brief into reality is a great testimony to his skill and dedication. We at Baxton have discussed his work and effort with respect to our project on numerous occasions and I have previously conveyed these sentiments to you personally in our discussions.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due and we believe the utmost credit is due to Imad Dabir and the AgentPoint team he manages on this occasion. The directors of Baxton have and shall continue to refer work to AgentPoint as we wholeheartedly believe in the quality of workmanship, technical ability and after sales support you deliver. Congratulations and well done.