Stone Real Estate Website Testimonial Video

By Ryan O'Grady • Posted on Apr 23, 2019
2 minutes read

We were thrilled to have the chance to speak with the management team from Stone Real Estate about their experience with us when having their bespoke website and other real estate technology solutions built. Stone are a fast growing real estate agency which has quickly grown to 30 offices with their approach to doing things differently, smarter and more efficiently.

The team from Stone Real Estate first approached us when they they found their old website clunky and lacking features.

The management team at Stone Real Estate approached a number of providers looking for a company to partner with to build their real estate website and other technology solutions. After choosing to proceed with Agentpoint for the design and development for their custom real estate agency website they found the process seamless.

Not only are the management team proud of the website that has been created but so are the principals, real estate agents and property managers. Their website gives them features and access to technology that even some of the big real estate companies don’t have. Stone find the website easy to use and update while maintaining consistency of brand across the network.

The Stone Real Estate team have found the finished product, communication and on-going support from Agentpoint phenomenal. They plan to continue using us as their tech partner and are already building new real estate technology solutions to help their agencies grow their business.

When an innovative and forward thinking company like Stone Real Estate are so ready to embrace great design and new technology this results in products we are extremely proud of and we look forward to continue to provide them with unique real estate technology to help them succeed and grow by doing what they do best. See the video above for more or click here to view the Stone website along with other custom and bespoke real estate websites we have built.