Agentpoint developed our own CRM system called PropertyHUB, previously called Zoo Property. PropertyHUB is designed to make your work flow more efficient and a lot more successful. PropertyHUB is cloud based so you can access it from any web browser, anywhere you are.

Here are some of the benefits of PropertyHUB;

  1. Manage Contacts/Lead Generation/Reminders – you can load buyers, vendors, landlords, tenants etc into the system and then track your communication with them. Read more about contact management.
  2. Portal Pushing – We can send your data to 60 + websites in Australia and some international ones. We’re also happy to add new portals at your request. Read more about the portals we can send your listings to.
  3. eMarketing Component – Allows you to send HTML emails to your contacts. These could be property eBrochures, automated property alerts, weekly news and property alerts or a general communication. The software tracks who they are sent to and how the recipient interacts with your email. Read about our eMarketing solutions.
  4. SMS Component – You can send out sms campaigns to your contacts. You can view when the recipient reads the SMS.
  5. Open Inspection Reports – These can be produced that highlight the open inspection history for a property along with property seeker feedback. These are handy to provide to your vendors and landlords
  6. Stock List Creation – Your team can create PDF Stock Lists that can be used by your office to market your stock. These may be rental lists or sales lists and there are a variety of templates to choose from. Read more about Print Marketing Solutions.
  7. PDF brochure Creation – Create PDF brochures for properties that are used as window displays or at open inspections. There are a variety of templates that allow you to manage text and images. Read more about Print Marketing Solutions.
  8. Mail Merge Letters – This feature allows use to generate letter templates to communicate with your contacts. You can load your mail templates into the system which will then be populated with client information when you generate them.
  9. Reporting – You have the ability to run other reports on property data in your system. You can filter what data to search and then select which data to display for those results.
  10. Import/Export Data – You can load via csv file properties and contacts to the system or export them whenever you like into the same format.
  11. Full API – All your data is accessible via our free API. Read more about our real estate API here.

The CRM system has fixed pricing meaning the use is unlimited for the number of users, properties, portals and emails you send out. You can read more about our pricing.

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