We’re About

For far too long the real estate software industry has been dominated by a few major players. This has resulted in high prices, terrible custom service, poor innovation, a lack of choices and customers (you the agents) having no control in regard to your solution or data.

Its been easy for Agentpoint to gain market share over the past 4 years because our philosophy is to do the opposite to what the major players were and are still doing.

Of course Agentpoint exists to make a profit but what gets us out of bed each morning and through the week is abiding to these principals.

  1. Providing Choice – yes we have a large range of products and services but we can’t be the best in all areas of real estate software. We want happy clients who have the best online solution so we’re happy if you use other companies for certain aspects of your solution.
  2. You Own Your Data – your property listings and contacts are your assets. We believe its our responsibility to send your data to where ever you would like it to be sent maintaining 100% control with you.
  3. You Own Your Website – You’re not renting a website from Agentpoint rather you are making an investment in a site. You control your solution and can have full access to adjust or have 3rd parties adjust it.
  4. Transparency In Our Operations – We’re not into hidden fees, contracts and locking clients in. Just look at our pricing page where we disclose everything, or the options with our websites. We have a no nonsense approach to business and deliver on our agreements.