Website Delivery Process - Agentpoint

It’s a 3 steps process to order an sign-off on your new website with Agentpoint.

Select Sites

Hundred of sites to choose

Order Changes

Modify however you like

Purchase Add-ons

Modify however you like

Website Delivery

We have over 15 years experience in producing and delivering websites. Here is our process we follow to meet your expectations.

  • Complete Graphic Design (If Needed) and gather any content (text and images) From your side

  • After your approval arround any Graphic Design the 4 week build period commences

  • Setup Base File

  • Commence Backend Development

  • Commence Frontend Development

  • Perform Quality Assurance

  • Provide you with a Link for your feedback

  • Complete Feedback, Browser & Responsive Optimisation

  • Launch Site

  • Final QA

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