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Our agency websites are suitable for any size real estate business. We have two options in the agency website range which include a Hybrid or a Custom website.

So what is the difference between a Hybrid and Custom website? A custom website is where we build your website from scratch to look and function as per a specific design you have approved. Alternatively, a Hybrid website is where you purchase an existing base website from us that we configure, rebrand and add your content to. The code base to build both options is the same with the main difference being the look and feel and time to produce the solution.

Hybrid Website

With a Hybrid website, you select a base site from the hundreds of Hybrid sites (non Custom sites) we’ve built in the past. We take this base site and set this up, add your content and adjust the branding. We can also make any custom changes you require to the site.

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Custom Website

A custom website is where we build a website from scratch for you instead of using code from one of our existing sites as the base.

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All Custom and Hybrid Agentpoint websites are
built from the same technology

Each site is setup independently

All of the technology used to build Agentpoint sites is WordPress meaning your website will be installed and setup independent to any of our other client sites. There are no limitations on what we can adjust on your site as it won’t affect any of our other clients.

Each site uses the same technology base

Regardless of whether you purchase a Hybrid website or a Custom website, we will install the same WordPress plugins for the sites. You don’t receive lessor of a product if you opt for a Hybrid Website as the same website features can be enabled quite easily.


WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for search engine optimisation. Whether you have a Hybrid or Custom website makes no difference because what’s important is that you have a WordPress site.

Our Designs

We pride ourselves on producing beautiful websites so we make sure our Hybrid sites are stylish and striking.

Differences Between Agentpoint and Our Competitors

  • You own your Solution – When you purchase a website through Agentpoint you are actually making an investment as you own the site. This means if you end your relationship with Agentpoint then you’re allowed to take your website with you to another host.

  • You have full access to the Solution – You have cpanel access to your site meaning you can update all files. It also means you can have other web developers, designers or SEO consultants make adjustments to your site.

  • Sync with other CRM Providers – Agentpoint websites work with other real estate CRM systems. This means if you change CRM providers you won’t need to purchase another website as your website will work with the new CRM system.

  • No Contracts – Unlike our competitors we do not have contracts which we lock clients into. All we ask is 1 months notice via email that you’d like to adjust your package up or down or end your relationship with Agentpoint.

  • Our Service and Pricing is Excellent – As a result of the above Agentpoint need to be very competitive in relation to the cost for updates/upgrades and ongoing development a client may request (if not they can find another developer to complete this at a cheaper price). Also, because we do not have Contracts means our custom service is paramount in making sure we retain clients.

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