Its important nowadays to make sure as an individual real estate agent you have complete control of your digital footprint. Building your own profile which is independent from the real estate agency you work for is essential for the longevity of your brand.


There is no other better solution then having your own WordPress real estate blog, allowing you to post content building your profile and brand. This means if you leave your current real estate agency then through your personal blog your brand will be unaffected.

Personal real estate blogs or individual agent micro sites can be purchased through Agentpoint and can include any of these features:

  • Ability to load news content and images.
  • Ability to display featured listings and all of your property listings
  • Your property listings can automatically flow through from the system you currently use to mange them.
  • Video content
  • Contact us, appraisal and alerts forms
  • Automated email alerts will be sent when news or property listing content is added which matches a subscribers criteria.
  • You have the ability to load your contacts database and also export that database
  • Testimonials
  • About You
  • Recent Sales or Rentals
  • Facebook, Twitter, Nestoria or Price Finder widgets can be added
  • An unlimited amount of news and pages
  • Automatic integration with social networking accounts.

An excellent feature about Agentpoint WordPress real estate agent sites is they allow for automatic syndication with social networks. This means when you add content to your site it can automatically be sent to your social networking accounts, reducing the time required for you to manage your social networking solutions.

Agentpoint individual agent micro sites can also sync with the system your agency currently uses to manage their property listings. This means you won’t need to manually add your properties into your website as they will flow through automatically from the system where you currently load them. Check out the Agentpoint Partners to see if we already have a sync in place, if not then just contact us and we can set this up.

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