Digital Property Brochures


The Modern Version of an Individual Property Website

Digital property brochures drive more property enquiries to a sales campaign while promoting your brand and services to property seekers and potential vendors.

Our platform allows you to produce individual property websites that are personalised to each property seeker, retarget advertising to them via facebook then track behaviour to tell you who is ready to purchase. This information is then presented in a weekly report that can be shared with your vendors.

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Benefits to You

lightbulb_outlineIncrease EnquiriesReach vendors and property seekers via facebook ads

phonelinkEfficiently Deliver InformationKeep buyers and vendors updated with information relevant to them

ring_volumeUnderstand Buyer EngagementKnow the best time to close a purchaser

publicImproved Vendor ReportingImpress vendors via interactive vendor reports

access_alarmEstablish a Point of DifferenceUse technology to enhance your stand-out

attach_moneyNo CostWith per property pricing the cost can be covered by the Vendor

See How it Works

Enter your details below and you’ll receive an sms and email to your personalised digital property brochure.
You’ll also see our ads retarget you around facebook.

What is the Solution

Digital Property Brochure

A personalised individual property website that is delivered automatically to any contact who is entered into your CRM and flagged against that property. Your property website includes all the usual property information plus additional features to drive and track additional engagement. This includes:

  • Website on any url you provide
  • Download documents (Contract, Pest & Building, Strata, Investment Report etc)
  • Forward documents to Solicitor
  • Book a Private Viewing
  • Submit
  • View Suburb Profiles and Suburb Fly-overs
  • What’s sold in that suburb
  • Information around your agency
  • Information around yourself
Facebook Property Ads

You then have the option to approve 3 paid facebook ad campaigns for that property within facebook. You’ll receive an email to approve the facebook ads and have the option to edit them prior going live on Facebook.

The 3 campaigns are as follows:

  • Retarget ads – to those contacts who have enquired about the property
  • Serve ads – to a lookalike audience within facebook we create
  • Sold campaign – after the property sells we create an ad campaign promoting your personal success with the sale to provide potential vendors
Smart Statistics & Reporting

Receive weekly statistics around total engagement of contacts in relation to the property campaign that can then be used to decide who is ready. We utilize smart techniques to track contact behaviour and deliver this information so it can be digested by you and the vendor. This also includes providing a summary of feedback around engagement with your facebook ads.

Information will include data around the following:

  • Number of digital property brochures created
  • Number of pages views
  • Amount of Downloads of various content (contracts, reports etc)
  • Who forwarded contracts to their solicitors
  • Reach and engagement on Facebook
  • Who are the most active property seekers


Digital Property Brochures are priced so you can easily include the cost in your vendor paid advertising.

The price per property is $299 + GST

This fee includes an unlimited number of digital property brochures, sms, emails and facebook ad costs.

Note: There is a setup fee of $475 + GST per account which covers configuration of your initial digital property brochure templates, rebranding them along with the configuration of your properties and contacts to feed in from your CRM system.

Pricing FAQs

contactsDigital Property Brochures can be triggered to be sent automatically to contacts as they are entered into your CRM system.

devicesYou can choose to send the brochures as an email, sms or both

The creation of the digital property brochure is automated from your CRM system

border_colorYou have the ability to review, edit and approve your digital property brochures prior to them going live

You have the ability to review, edit and approve your facebook property ads before they go live on facebook.

Your facebook ad campaigns will run for a total of 4 weeks.