Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation

Social media communication concept

We work with you to define your specific audience and then use website traffic, your existing contact database and the smarts within facebook to build a custom audience to serve ads to. We have access to additional demographics like home ownership, investor, income data, net wealth etc for users within facebook.

As part of the campaign setup we will create tailored ad formats and evolve these depending on engagement and conversion of the ads.

When leads are captured, we always receive a name, email, telephone and have the option to collect additional information ie property address, whether they are an Investor and much more. Leads can then be automatically delivered via email or sms to anyone in your team.

Campaigns usually run for a 2 week period and can include anywhere from 15 to 40 qualified leads who are ready for appraisal.

What’s Included

  • Include ads on Facebook Network including Instagram
  • Ads are served to a targeted audience (demographics, behaviour, location, property requirements)
  • Campaigns run for a 2 week period
  • We build the ad formats and collateral
  • We deliver the leads to your Inbox
  • At the end of the campaign we provide stats around campaign engagement and leads generated

What are the Benefits

  • More Appraisals: Access a new and consistent source of qualified leads ready for an appraisal
  • Increase Advertising Reach: Access active and passive vendors and landlords not using the main real estate portals
  • Popular Channels: Advertise where audiences spend the majority of online time Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Retargeting: Advertise to an audience who has previously engaged with your brand on your website, your database or within social networks.
  • Boost facebook Likes: Ads include the option for audience to Like your facebook page
  • Drive Website Traffic: All traffic from ad campaigns after they have complete the lead ad form will link directly back to your website.
  • Campaign Reporting: Receive a campaign engagement report at the end of each campaign outlining audience, leads and actions around your page

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