Analytics & Reporting

Image result for google analyticsGoogle Analytics – All website products implemented by Agentpoint will have Google Analytics installed from launch allowing you access to view and monitor website traffic interaction. Google Analytics can showcase many things including:

  • Traffic numbers for each page
  • Unique Visitors
  • Searched key words directing to your site
  • Source of traffic to your site
  • Time spent on your site

Property Analytics – We have inbuilt analytics which can be added to any site which will measure the number of page views for each property along with the engagement of browsers while on that page. The engagement can include how many times they:

  • Make an Enquiry
  • View a Slideshow
  • Forward the Property
  • Download a Pdf
  • Share the property with a social network
  • View Floorplans

We can customise these analytics to monitor any engagement you would like to track.

System Reporting – Within our PropertyHUB CRM system you have the ability to produce reports for your property listings. You have the freedom to create a report of what you like. Some popular reports are: Portal Reports showing which listings are on what real estate portals, NABEERS reports which show which properties have EER added, reports for a agent’s listings and anything else you can imagine.

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