Print Marketing Solutions

Print eMarketing Solutions SamplesWhile most advertising is now conducted in digital marketing, print marketing remains highly relevant for real estate agencies. Window cards, property brochures and flyers, stock and rental lists are all examples of print marketing that is used on a daily basis in the real estate agency. The Agentpoint system addresses this need by providing print marketing options to clients. Agents can access available print marketing options through through their website or through the Agentpoint listing system, Zoo Property.

Website Solutions

Property Brochures – The Agentpoint team can design PDF brochures that are automatically generated for each property when a visitor clicks the brochure option on the property page of your website. The brochures can be branded with your agency logo and colours and can be single page or multiple pages if you’d like floor plans included.

Print Results List – The talented design and development team at Agentpoint can design and create a PDF list showcasing the search results on your website. The PDF is created by a visitor on your website and includes the search results the visitor has requested. The lists can be branded with your agency logo and colours.

Zoo Property Solutions

Zoo Property SolutionsProperty Preview – Every listing in Zoo Property can be previewed and the preview page printed or saved as a PDF. These pages are excellent for seeking vendor or landlord approval before a listing is activated.

Property Brochure – The Agentpoint Zoo Property System has a number of property brochure templates that agents can choose from to show case individual properties. These are branded with agency logo and colours and feature multiple layout options. Agents can select and crop the images to be used and adjust the brochure copy. Information relevant to the property such as open times, location, size and features can be selected or removed. Agents have control over what is displayed on the brochure. Once created the final brochure is saved as a PDF and can be automatically added to the brochure section of the property listing. The PDF can then be downloaded and saved in the property file on the agency computer. Brochures can be further utilized as window cards or as flyers that handed out at open inspections.

Stock Lists – The Agentpoint Zoo Property System has a separate stock list section where agents can create a stock list of their properties to hand out to prospective buyers. Agents can select from a variety of templates and create a styled listing that displays their chosen listings in the most effective manner. Once created stocklists are stored in Agentpoint Zoo and can be emailed out to subscribers or enquiries.

Note: Agentpoint can create custom templates for any print solution. Cost provided upon application.